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Everyone can be a hero!

EVERYONE should feel loved and have a warm bed to sleep in at night, whether if you have two legs or four! Homeless furbabies are at an all time high right now and must be stopped immediately! Join forces with Michael and Melissa Novelli and their non-profit charity today and see what you can do to help! 

From donating beds and toys. To simply stopping by and taking these little guys out for a stroll, ANYTHING helps!

With summer time pretty much here🌞

The sidewalks are getting too hot for the furbabies paws. I donated this awesome wagon with incredible features so the doggies, kitties even little piglets can cruise and NEVER miss an opportunity to get some fresh air!

If you have strollers and/or wagons you don't need anymore, give them to Pawtastic Friends! They NEED them!

Be a hero today!!!!

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